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5 things You May Not know about Mariska Pokharel

18 April 2019, Kathmandu – We have watched several movies, music video and public appearance of current hit listed actress and model Mariska Pokharel but do we know what are the other specialty of her? Is she capable of doing other jobs than acting ? To find out the rest please keep on reading.

Mariska worked as an art teacher at Daizawa International School, Tokyo, for three years. She is all set to begin a promising career in the Nepali Film industry. The music video of ‘Aja mann ma mero’ in 2015 introduced her to Nepali entertainment industry. She jumped ship to acting, with ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’ in 2016.

Beyond the silver screen, Mariska is actively engaged in organizations working for children’s rights and keenly devotes time to her childhood fantasy of arts and paintings. On the work front, she is currently gearing up for her upcoming movies, Mr. Virgin, and Premalaya.

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Mariska Pokharel revealed the five facts that many may not know about her.

Black belt in taekwondo
Better known for her tomboyish attributes during her childhood, Mariska started early with outdoor sports and is a black belt in taekwondo. She has so far participated and bagged medals from the three district-level competitions she participated in.

Social media recluse
Mariska believes in feeling and living the moment as it is, and considers it as the perk of being a social media outcast. For her, life is about gathering raw experiences, which pass through our fingers while living in rush with complete spontaneity.
“As a member of the cinema fraternity, I have so far managed to have my social media account, but I doubt how long I will be able to go with it,” quipped Pokharel.

Avid poet
The first time she penned a poem was for a poetry competition in the International Children’s day. She was in the 8th grade. Until then, she was unaware of the fact that poetry would be an integral part of her life. Winning the competition that day further motivated her into writing many more, even to this day.

Ardent Adventurer
She is much of a person who takes pleasure in winning over her weaknesses. From riding bikes to taking up spunky adventures, she admires activities that evoke her adrenaline. “I used to fear heights. I decided to overcome my fear through bungee jumping. Now, I am eagerly looking forward to skydiving,” she said.

Keen reader
When she finds time from her busy schedule, she likes taking a stroll to bookstores and picking good reads that fascinate her. She is fond of reading biographies, interesting facts, and fictions by Paulo Coelho, especially on her long travels.

“I recently had an insightful journey after reading ‘the spy’ by Coelho. It was extremely thought-provoking,” she added.

She may have more to share, do you know more about her? Please share your opinion below.