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The innovation center is making a weed removal machine

Pokhara – Being a beautiful Lake in the area near the city, Fewa and many other lakes near Pokhara are nearing to disappear due to overgrown weeds and debris during the rainy season.

There are hundreds of organizations along with local authorities who suppose to take care and implement rules to clean these lakes but failed to come up with any permanent solution to date.

In this context, The National Innovation Center is going to take responsibility for the removal of water lily weeds from the lakes of Pokhara, initially from Fewa lake. This decision was made last Saturday when Mahavir Pun, the chairman of the Innovation Center, went on a visit to Pokhara.

He said that it would not be enough to clean the water lily weeds in Fewataal and other lakes once in two to four months, and a machine would be needed for its long-term solution.
Posting on social media, Pun said, “We must build a machine to remove water lily weeds from the lake. The National Innovation Center will be responsible for making the machine and the work will be developed and tested at Western Engineering College (WRC) Lamachaur in Pokhara.

For this work, the Innovation Center will discuss with Western Engineering College and the related departments and students will be invited to make the machine, he informed.

In addition, the National Innovation Center will provide various materials needed for the machine.
It is said that the campus will complete the work of making the said machine within eight months.

Pun says that the student’s team should prepare a new machine based on the same machine for removing water lilies that is in a damaged condition in Phewataal.

He says, “If such a machine is made and operated in Pokhara, it will be easy to maintain and students will also get a chance to learn work.

He also said that the National Innovation Center will set up a separate fund for this project. The National Innovation Center has said that it will collect support for the project. We have seen so many groups of people have attempted to clean dirty overcrowded lakes in the past and no permanent solution has been made yet. Local authorities must deploy permanent cleaning staff by providing job and benefit from the lake but they seem to be unaware of it.

Politicians do speak about these issues during the election campaigns but forget totally immediately after their win.

we hope we will see clean lakes in Pokhara in near future with the help of the innovation center. Let’s Solidarity for the change. What do you think about this news? any comments? write below.