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Longest Total Lunar Eclips of The Century

DEC 10, 2011, KATHMANDU – One of the Longest recorded total Lunar eclipse is going to happen tonight as it will last for more than four hours and can be visible from most of the Asia and some part in the Europe.

A total lunar eclipse is taking place on Saturday evening, much to the delight of astronomy and astrology enthusiasts.

The eclipse, visible for 213 minutes from most parts of Asia including Nepal, will start at 6:31pm local time and end at 10:04 in the evening, Jayanta Acharya, senior astronomer and faculty at Balmiki Campus, Kathmandu, said.

At 7:51 pm, the earth’s shadow will send the moon for a complete hideout. This pitch-dark period, known as “totality”, will last for 51 minutes. This eclipse can be easily viewed by the naked eye because lunar eclipses, unlike the solar ones, do not harm unfiltered eyes.

The eclipse, which happens to be the last lunar hide-and-seek of the year, is also a relatively rare one since the moon will pass in front of the centre of the earth’s shadow while moving on its orbit around the earth.

 As many believes this solar system happenings due to other mythological reasons, in Hinduism it is a prohibited period of consuming food and doing other regular religious acts as well.

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