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Greater Nepal
The Map of Greater Nepal before the Treaty of Sugauli back in 1872.

18 AUGUST 2014 Kathmandu – While searching videos about Nepal and its history, i came across this video documentary which was portraying Nepal as it was bigger than what it is today and those brave Nepalese known as Gurkha fought well to unite Nepal and keep its sovereignty well preserved.

it’s true that without Prithvi Narayan Shah we Nepalis probably would not be here now. We would either be living under India or China for all we know. Shah descendants have portrayed him as a savior and true hero, unified of our great land is totally a heroic act. They portray him no less than a God and this portrayal is totally worthy. The way through which he annexed the different states through mutual relations, utter lack of warfare rules, and by the use of his vast knowledge to acquire much needed strength to Unite among smaller states into the greater Nepal.

History favors the winners, and all is fair in love and war. And he and his sons did unify Nepal, that is totally true. we should think of Prithvi Narayan Shah as this great saint god that we all Nepalis have to think of at this time too.

Even in Current day India and Nepal scenario, Nepalese are living in far distances from its boundaries limited by A treaty back in 1872 in Sugauli. We can only think of those British rulers made historic payouts to some of the Rana’s to archive the goal of limiting Nepal to its size.

Watch the video, which may not be entertaining for some of the audiences but it is great informative and you can learn the real picture of our past, present and the future.