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Lunar New Year Sonam Losar being observed

JAN 24, 2012 KATHMANDU – Buddhist and Many other ethnic People from different community across the country have been celebrating Sonam Losar—the beginning of the New Year—by organising various programmes and exchanging good wishes on Tuesday.

In the Capital, Tamang Community in the Kathmandu are due to take out a rally that will converge at Tundikhel, followed by cultural programmes and display of different traditional tools and a variety of traditional food in stalls.

On this very day, the Tamang community spends the day at home with their near and dear ones and feast on a variegated cuisine. The government has declared national holiday today to celebrate the occasion.

The Tamang community is the fifth largest in terms of population in Nepal, comprising 5.64 percent of the total population, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics

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