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Traditional Nepali Dress

I see Nepali culture is fast losing its touch. One great e.g. is NEPALIS have forsaken their traditional costumes. Whenever I go around I hop to see girls and women in traditional- daura and suruwal. But instead we see them in salwar or sari.

National Dress of Nepal
Daura Suruwal – Traditional Nepali Dress and it is the National Dress for Men in Nepal.

What is happening? Where is the NEPAL we have known? Even the soul of Prithvi Narayan Shah is getting tired and weary seeing the fool-hardiness of his fellow countrymen. I am not against the change but is it necessary to forsake our old-values in order to embrace new-ones. Once again we may be poor but not foolhardy, we may be weak but not lazy. So in the end I want to request the present generation to re-consider their decisions. “WE MAY LIVE WITHOUT MODERNIZATION BUT NOT WITHOUT OUR IDENTITY AND LAND.”

Gunyo Choli
Nepalese Traditional Saree and choli worn by a Modern girl.

Beside these two example, there are 120 or above ethnic groups are living in Nepal and each of them have their own traditional dress and wearings in different occasions. We will have some other pages for the other cultural and ethnic dresses soon. -Thanks once again and bye my sweet Nepal.

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