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Dubai Mall – World’s Largest Shopping Mall Re-Opened

16 May 2020, Dubai – United Arab Emirate is badly suffering from Corona Virus pandemic and many of the public places are locked down for long. As Ramadan is nearly to end with Eid next week, World’s largest Mall, Dubai Mall has reopened its services from yesterday.

The Dubai Mall one of the world’s largest shopping havens that have reopened under strict safeguards against coronavirus.
At the main entrance where customers hand over their sports cars and luxury SUVs for valet parking, employees greet them with black T-shirts reading “Welcome back”.

Smiling as they point an infrared thermometer “temperature gun” at visitors’ foreheads, they check for the fever that is a telltale symptom of COVID-19 infection.
Dubai Mall is a key attraction of the city-state that has built its wealth and world-renown mega-projects and a diversified economy to become a tourism and shopping hub, as well as for finance and real estate.
With more than 1,300 stores arrayed around a vast lake and overlooked by the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, Dubai Mall attracts some 80 million visitors a year and its reopening on Tuesday was a symbolic step as the country emerges from lockdown.

After a month-long closure, crowds have been far thinner, as expatriates in jeans and Emiratis in traditional white Gulf robes roam the bright alleys that showcase everything from chic to bling.

Hope all the shoppers and Mall gores may remain safe and healthy during the shopping. What is your opinion on the opening of public places in this situation in the UAE? Please write your comments below.