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Over a Million Migrant Nepalese are Returning Home?

13 May 2020 Kathmandu – Current economy of Nepal is based on three factors, they are Agriculture, remittance and tourism. As corona virus hard hit worldwide the effect of pandemic is very large for the country like Nepal whose GDP is mainly dependent with foreign income. As Covid-19 has fallen almost all the economy around the world, Nepalese Migrant workers abroad has loosen their jobs, they scare of future and many has not even enough saving to return home as their income are so less and sending money home monthly to support their family.

In this scenario, NRN the Nepalese community living abroad has surveyed and gathered the information that more than a million Nepalese migrant workers are preparing their bag to back home once international flights resume to Nepal.

According to the news surfaced recently and many Nepalese economist has speculated, Nepal could benefit from the returning of Nepalese youths back to country but government is bit scared about welcoming them as job creation and handling them may critical for the current government.

As per recent media briefing, Ministry of foreign affairs has highlighted the same as following.
Almost 800,000 Nepalis have been stranded in various parts of the world desperately waiting for the day the lock-down is lifted. They will return home once the ongoing lock-own is lifted and international flights resume.

The government bodies including the Foreign Employment Board under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have collected the details of the Nepali nationals stranded abroad in collaboration with the various diplomatic missions and the Non-Resident Nepali Association.

According to the Ministry, most of the people featuring in the list are those who have lost their jobs due to Corona-virus. The others are those who want return home over their visa expiry, and those who had gone on a tour and remained stranded due to ban on the international flights.

Speaking at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of State’s Directive Principles, Policies, Responsibilities on Monday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali informed that 210, 871 Nepalis stranded abroad have immediately to be brought back home while over 377,000 will be rescued later.

Over 250,000 Nepalis are stranded in India alone, according to Minister Gyawali which may enter the country once lock-down in India soften and get access to border clearance. many of them are already trying to entering the country from various entry points including jumping over big rivers too.