Nepal Telecom Added 1.2 Million Subscribers Over Past Year - Economy

Nepal Telecom Added 1.2 Million Subscribers Over Past Year

Kathmandu July 18, 2010- Nepal’s Largest telecom operator Nepal Telecom has announced that it added 1.2 million net new subscribers over the past year – ending the financial year with 5.45 million customers. Of the total, 3.96 million are connected to the GSM network with just under a million on its CDMA network and just under 600,000 fixed line customers.

The company has set a target of adding 5 million subscribers over the next three years.

“Nepal Telecom will go rural to expand its network base in the coming years,” he said. The company has planned to add 1.8 million villagers through GSM mobile in the next two years. The company is also planning to add 600,000 subscribers in for the CDMA.”

The company has also deployed 500 Wi-Fi hotspots over the past year.

once it was a big gap between cities and village to communicate, people have to ques for hrs to make a minute or two their loved ones are not having fancy inexpensive mobile sets in their pocket and can communicate from almost all the area of Nepal. Even farmers are using Mobile phones to ask their next schedule of harvesting or Planting.