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Tax is increased – Will that do any improvement ?

30 July 2018, Nepal – Recently Nepal’s goods prices have increased due to increase in taxes. Now Nepal is divided into various steps of governance, federal government, state government and local government. Federalism system is very beneficial and fast way to develop a country but the problem is it is expensive way of administration because this system will make different government in every state. And to run this many government we citizens have to pay more tax.
But the question is raised that, “Will the development activities take place like it should?” Nepal is a economically poor. There is less employment, less opportunities and less progress. If the government is taking more tax in everything than citizens will also expect fast development and their benefits.

They should be provided with employment opportunities, the government facilities should be well. In every sector development should take place.

Nepal has very slow pace of development. Will it increase? or it is just another method for the government to earn more and rob the citizens. Lets raise questions and if not the future may go into dark.

What is your opinion on recent taxation and increase in your daily consumables? Are you aware of all the taxes you are paying to the local or federal authority? What are your rights? what is your expectation and what could be the solution to sustain our jumbo government authorities around us? Please write your opinion below in comment.