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Public Transport fares up by 9.9 percent

NOV 03, 2011, KATHMANDU, Nepal – After Long strikes and festive season is over, Nepal Government has hiked public transport fares by 9.9 percent in all sectors through out the country effective from today itself.

Due to the frequent increment in fuel prices in the international market, Nepal oil corporation the only oil trader in Nepal has hiked fuel prices many times during the last 10 months but transport fares were not., paying high price for fuel and maintenance costs, transport entrepreneurs had long been pressuring the government to hike the fare.

An agreement to this effect was reached on Wednesday at meeting between the representatives of the National Federation of Nepalese Transport Entrepreneurs and officials of the Department of Transport Management. The department said the new fare will come into effect from Thursday and will publish new fare rates for 400 plus routes on the day.

After the new adjustment, the shortest travel up to 4 km will cost Rs 13, up from Rs 12 earlier. Commuters traveling from Kathmandu to Sanfebagar (900 km) via Dhangadhi-Sitagathi will have to pay Rs 1,558. The current fare rate on this route is Rs 1,418.

“The 9.9 percent hike is based mainly on the fuel price hike and this will be implemented from Thursday,” said Kapil Dangol, officiating director general at the department. He said the diesel price has reached Rs 76 per litre since the last fare adjustment when the fuel was at Rs 68.50 per litre.

Following the indefinite strike by the transport entrepreneurs across the country, the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management in August had assured the federation of hiking the fare. However, the work on fare adjustment was kept on hold keeping in mind the festive season.

Last time on February 2, 2011, the government had hiked public transport fares by 9 percent. Since then, diesel price was hiked to Rs 73.50 per litre on July 10, Rs 75 on August 26 and Rs 76 per litre on October 10. The Ministry of Labour and Transport Management had approved the proposal forwarded by the department for this new fare hike on October 30.

For last three months, transport entrepreneurs had been mounting pressure on the government to increase public transport fare by at least 11 percent based on vehicle operating cost and increment in fuel price. “We agreed to the government proposed 9.9 percent to end prolong argument over the fare issue,” said Yogendra Karmacharya, president of the federation. He said they will charge the new fare from commuters from Friday onward.

Students, elders and disabled people’s discounts and other relevant discounts are unchanged.

Source: KOL/ KTM Representative.

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