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Nestle India to destroy noodles worth $50m

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Nestle India Has announced to remove and destroy all Maggi Noodles from the market due to excessive level of lead found in its certain batched products.

16 JUNE 2015,New Delhi India — Many of the food product in developing countries are not even meeting the minimal standard of food safety and hygiene, specially in south Asia, it is a huge contradiction and often play a huge role as corrupt official and uneducated public has no concern about food safety.

After revelation of contamination of unhygienic product, Nestle India says it will destroy instant noodles worth 3.2 billion rupees ($50 million) following a sales ban imposed by Indian food safety authorities for unsafe levels of lead.

India’s food safety panel says tests conducted across the country found that Nestle’s Maggie noodles contained lead at levels far higher than legally allowed.

The tests also detected the chemical flavor enhancer mono-sodium glutamate, or MSG, which is not mentioned in the product’s list of ingredients.

Nestle insists the noodles are safe and is challenging the ban in a Mumbai court.

Nestle said in a statement that the company was in the process of collecting stocks of the noodles from shops, factories and distribution centers and destroying them.