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Government begins market monitoring

Kathmandu, Nepal, August 01, 2010-As festive season started in  Nepal and Most of the transportation routes are effected by landslides, Price of daily consumables are in the rise in daily basis.

The government has begun monitoring market for essential consumer supplies after extensive price hike in essential commodities in the recent weeks.
A team of market monitors from Department of Commerce (DoC) along with representatives from consumer rights associations and Nepal Bureau of Standards and Meteorology have begun inspecting and keeping record of the stock of various essential supplies in the wholesale market from Sunday.

Authorities began market monitoring in suspicion of artificial price hike by hoarding large quantities of essential supplies by dealers and wholesalers.

The prices of essential commodities including rice, sugar, lentils, wheat flour, cooking oil and vegetables have sky-rocketed with the beginning of new fiscal year.

Director General of DoC Anil Thakur said, there is a shortage of about 300,000 tonnes of food grains in the country at present.

We will find the exact situation of supply and demand of the food grains after market inspection and import food materials if required, said Thakur.

Not to forget that Nepal depends on Agricultural revenue of 2/3 in its source of income. More than 70 percent of Nepalese are farmers and they grow grains such as rice, beans, lentils, sugarcane, mustard and dairy products. It is due to inflation in international market and business made shortages are the key factor of  unavailability of daily needs in Nepal. Failure of Government approach to those masterminded businesses, General public are always in suffering.

By: K.Dhamala

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