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Celebrated 82 Years of Marriage

26 April 2019 North Carolina – How long do we think we can live? Lifespan of human are being shorter and shorter due to various reason, specially health condition of people are poorer day by day. If we can live for 80 Plus that would be a miracle for the generation to come but a Lovely couple in North Carolina USA have just celebrated their
103 and 100 years of their birth date and 82 years of togetherness.
As per the news published, lovebirds say the secret to their lasting love is simple. Willie and D.W. Williams have a lot of life and a lot of love under their belts.

On Sunday, D.W., 103, and his wife Willie, 100, celebrated not only their birthdays—which are just seven days apart—but a staggering 82 years of marriage.
According to WSOC-TV, their daughter and granddaughter, BJ Williams-Greene, marked the trifecta of milestones by throwing the centenarian couple one big party at First Mayfield Memorial Baptist in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“To see them at this age and still doing well, it’s just a blessing to have them here,” Williams-Greene told the local news station.

D.W. and Willie said they remember meeting when cab rides were just 10 cents. Together they have lived through wars, The Depression, and the Civil Rights Era.
But when it comes to keeping their love alive for the better part of a century, they told WSOC-TV that they’re really no big secret.

“Just be nice to each other,” they agreed. “They are each other’s best friend,” added Williams-Greene.
We wish them a happy birthday and long lasting love life ahead too.