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Tihar Festival Concluded

Bhai tika festival of Nepal
A sister in the Kathmandu offering Tika to her brother on the occasion of Bhaitika on friday.


OCT. 28, 2011, Kathmandu Nepal – The Second Largest and most important festival of Nepal, Tihar festival is finally concluded after Bhai Tika which literally known for the love and affection between brothers and sisters.

Hindu people across the nation were observing Bhaitika, the final day of Deepawali festival or Yamapanchak, on Friday.

On this day, sisters honour their brothers and pray for their longevity and prosperity as an integral part of the popular Tihar festival.

According to the Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti (The committee who is deciding the correct time for the special occasions) , the auspicious time to receive Tika was at 11:55 am. However, it is auspicious to observe tika anytime throughout the day. Many people who is not near to their brothers and sisters were receiving tika later in the day as well.

For Bhaitika, sisters encircle their brothers in a ring of sesame oil, putting on garland of makhamali flower and breaking walnuts outside doors, annoit and offer Tika to them so as to protect them from Lord Yamaraj, the god of death.

Those who have no brothers and sisters as well as people in general also visit the temple in the centre of local Rani Pokhari in the capital and offer worship. This is the only day the temple in the pond opens for public in the year.

Some Sisters offered community honoring of tike to various people from all walks of  life who has no sisters of their own or away from their own sisters due to job or other reasons as well.

This comes to end of the festive season in Nepal for this year and many farmers are now set to harvest their corps in the paddy fields across the country.