Laxmi Pooja Being Observed - Festivals

Laxmi Pooja Being Observed

Goddess Laxmi in imagery Picture as regarded of goddess of wealth.

23 October 2014 KATHMANDU – Hindus around the country and else where around the world celebrating the 3rd day of Tihar festival literally known as Diwali in Indian and Deepawali In Nepal today.
Hindus worship goddess Laxmi as known the goddess of wealth and cows are considered to be the incarnation of goddess Laxmi and every home has cooked good food and worshiped cow with garland, tika and touch their leg for blessings. in the evening today, each house small or big will have cleaned surroundings, and light up every corner to welcome goddess Laxmi in their home. It is believed that which ever home has open door with lots of lights, goddess will not miss the way and visit their homes.
During the nights, children and even the grown up people gather in a group and roam around home seeking for blessings and food, fruits as prasad or daan, this has been changed with social activities such as building a school room, building water tanks or even collecting fund for some special causes nowadays.

Some of the today’s happenings on the pictures below: