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Chhath Festival Being Observed Today

Chhath Celebration
Devotees in a River Bank offering and worshipping on CHHATH

29 October 2014 – Kathmandu – Nepal a culturally diverse country celebrates more festivals than days in a year, due to its unique landscape and ethnicity, Nepalese are happy to celebrate all the occasion as their own in any community they are belong to.

Chhath is one of the most popular festival in Terai region of Nepal where the 40 percent of total population resides and mainly Hindus whose ancestors from India celebrate this festival in the past but now its everyone’s festival and government has declared a day off for the occasion.

Meanwhile, President of Nepal Dr. Rambaran Yadav who hails from the Terai region and one of the true worshiper of such festival has wishes to the Nepalese people on the occasion of Chhath for their better unity, peace among the community and good health of all mankind.
According to the Press released by the President’s secretariat, President Ram Baran Yadav has extended his best wishes to all the Nepalis home and abroad on the occasion of Chhath.

In a message on Tuesday, the President wished for peace, prosperity and happiness for all the people on the festive occasion.

“Festivals celebrated by people of various castes and communities have helped enhance goodwill and brotherhood among the communities, consolidating religious tolerance and social harmony,” the President said in a statement. He expressed his hope that Chhath becomes the cultural identity of the nation and its people.

The festival, which is popular among the Hindus mostly from the Tarai region, is celebrated for four days, worshiping the rising and setting sun. Devotees observe rigorous rituals involving bathing, fasting, standing in water for long periods and offering ‘prasad’ and Argha to the sun.

The Festival falls in the month of October/November right after the sixth day of blackmoon day of Dipawali festival.