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Glasgow hotel Stabbing Suspect Killed

Frustration, anger, racial difference, inequality, social ignorance, and unemployment or lack of funds to spend on daily life may be the main causes of violence…
USA Tops over 2 Million Confirmed Corona Virus Infection Cases

Minneapolis City Council Pledges to Disband Police Department?

What is Antifa? Who does it Concern?

Hacker group Anonymous’ message for Minneapolis Police Goes Viral


Muslims In Nepal Observing Eid Al Fitr Today

After fasting for the full holy month of Ramadan, the Nepalese Muslim community in Nepal…
Eid Mubarak

Ranudevi, the first singer of Radio Nepal, is no more

How can you Turn Desert into farmland?

History of Fifa


Bollywood Music Composer Wajid Khan Passes Away

Bollywood, The Indian entertainment Industry is loosing its most popular figures this year. Mourning continues…
Marishka Pokharel Got Married in Australia

Rishi Kapoor No More

Indian Actor Irfan Khan Dies at the age of 53

5 things You May Not know about Mariska Pokharel


British Cricket players to return to individual training next week

15 May 2020 London – World wide spread of pandemic of corona virus, Many events are either postponed or canceled. Sports are one of the…
International Karate tournament held in Chitawan

Nepali  Football team as a work in progress Says Kalin

Nepal named squad for ACC U-16 cricket team

Barca reach semis against United


Prayer For Humanity Held in Dubai

15 May 2020 Jabel Ali Dubai – A Mass Prayer ceremony was organized in the…
Dubai Sheikh announces campaign for 10 million Ramadan meals

Did The Queen Forced Prince Harry to take decision about his life?


Scheduled Emirates flights resumed at Dubai Airport?

24 May 2020 Dubai, UAE – After long cancellation of scheduled International flights to and…
Pakistan plane crash killed 97 Reported Turbulence

Majority of Star Hotels decided to Remain closed till Mid October in Nepal


Death Toll Reached 114 in Nepal by CoronaVirus

The world is struggling to survive the deadly spread of coronavirus. Even imposed almost 3…
How To Use A Female Condom?

3 Persons Died of Corona Virus in Nepal


Mobile Apps You May Think Not Needed

We are being robots due to easy access to the information using our mobile devices…
Facebook unveils Security warnings for Messenger users

Pac-Man Turns 40 – World’s most successful arcade game


iPhone 6 Camera Shoots

Having a nice looking sleek brand news iPhone on hand is an exciting moment to…
Kabisha Shrestha – Nepali Model

Nepal In Memory


Growing the food Forest Revolution

16 May 2020 – Life to exist on this planet need food and mouth are…
Covid-19 – A Global Emergency

The Secret of the Seven Sisters

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