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UN pushes Nepal to amend transitional justice act

18 April 2019, Geneva – Its been more than 12 years since the peace agreement deal was signed between then Maoist and Rulling government to end the violent crisis in the country. since then, thousands of people all over the country seeking justice for their dear lost relatives but till now no such provision have been implemented. Several government changed in between, several promises been highlighted but still no justice have been assured.

As delayed by several years, UN pushes Nepal to amend transitional justice act in a strongly worded letter recently.

As per reported, A little over a month after Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali assured the international community that Nepal would amend its Transitional Justice Act in line with the Supreme Court ruling and international commitments, the United Nations has expressed its serious concern over the selection process of new leadership in the two transitional justice commissions and the delay in Act amendment.

The United Nations has asked the Nepal government to recall the ruling from the country’s Supreme Court. In 2015, the Supreme Court had struck down the amnesty provision and said the consent of the victims was necessary for any reconciliation.

The letter also has reminded Gyawali of his address to the Human Rights Council in Geneva last month, in which he said the transitional justice laws would be amended as guided by the Comprehensive Peace Accord, the Supreme Court directives, and international commitments.

UN officials, in a 10-page letter, also reminded the Foreign Ministry of their repeated requests for a visit by the Special Rapporteur

Gyawali had also assured that there would be no blanket amnesty in the cases of serious violations of human rights.

The strongly-worded letter from the UN has also nudged Nepali officials about the pending requests for a visit from the Special Rapporteur. “We look forward to receiving your invitation to visit the country soon,” the statement said.

The rapporteurs also have sought government’s clarification on any measure it has taken or intends to take to make the two transitional justice bodies more effective.

An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to discuss the letter with the media, confirmed that the letter from the UN was still at the Permanent Mission of Nepal in Geneva and that it would be dispatched to Kathmandu soon. The official also said that the ministry would decide whether to reply to the concerns after reading upon it.

However, ministry spokesperson Bharat Raj Paudyal said he had no official information about the letter.

Human rights advocates say the government should take heed of observations from the United Nations and address them as much as possible.

“This is also the reflection of how the world perceives our government,” said Charan Prasain, a human rights defender. “The government must be serious before the transitional justice issues get internationalized.”
Nepal had long suffered from civil war and other violations inside the country and whoever ruled the country, it has never complied with international justice system.
Source: KOL

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