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Nepal: World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Nepal’s Road 2011 – A Journey to the reality of Third world country.

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Most Dangerous Roads In The World
Most Dangerous Roads In The World

British Comedians Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies attempt to drive through the mountainous, landlocked nation of Nepal. Starting from the chaotic border with India, they travel across the country’s most important roads, from highways that maintain its cities to freshly-dug dirt tracks that connect to isolated communities. There are uplifting stories throughout, but it is a journey that is fraught with danger. Besides having one of the world’s highest rates of road traffic accidents, floods and landslides are an everyday occurrence, blocking traffic for days on end and claiming dozens of lives every month. After days of swerving overloaded buses, dodging trucks and clinging to crumbling mountain roads, disaster strikes within sight of their final destination.

for your information…@ 33:45 it was Indian vehicle…the people were Indian cooking and eating in the road…shows their class yeah…not that we Nepalese don’t have flaws…but we certainly don’t want Indians ruining our roads.

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