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A Kingdom on the Edge – Mustang Nepal

Some Called it a bared land, some believes it is a heaven on earth, in fact it a land of purity, hidden far from modern day crowd and place of pure meditation. While Tibetan Buddhism is squeezed inside of China’s borders, there is a place where it still survives intact: Upper Mustang – a once forbidden kingdom high in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao follows the struggle of the Tibetan people to preserve an ancient culture., Steve Chao travels there to document the fight to preserve an ancient culture, as China expands its influence into Nepal, and the modern world slowly creeps in.

There is a reason for China’s concern. In the 1960s, shortly after the Dalai Lama fled Tibet for India, a Tibetan resistance movement was formed in a place called Mustang.

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Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge | Al Jazeera Correspondent

Mustang, or Lo, as locals call it, is an ancient Tibetan kingdom that is now part of Nepal. Hidden in the Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain range, it is protected by its remoteness, and the fact the only way in and out for centuries was on horseback.

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