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Take Consistent Actions!


Annapurna the third highest mountain in the world.
Annapurna Mountain the third highest mountain in the world.

I have been to quite a number seminar to date, fairly consumption thousands of dollars to discover from successful people. Usually, they will allotment a bit of their backgrounds and stories. One affair that I find common among all of speakers is that they take consistent accomplishments to pursue their goals.

One story is that the chronicler invested his time from 11pm to 3am all day for 5 years ago he achieved the result that he had wanted. Yes, 5 years of hard work.

Another chronicler trained coherently and rigorously for a period of time ago he embarked on his trip to conquer Mount Everest. Yes, he did achieve his goal.

Yet alternative chronicler told of how she has succeeded in her affair by starting off as part-time. She coherently committed 1 hour all day to base her affair for a period of time ago she started to see result.

Unfortunately, most of us want flash consequences by attractive actions. If there are no guaranteed flash results, most of us will be put off. Some of us may take actions, but if we do not see the advance after a while, we give up.

Imagine you are leaving to run a marathon of 42 km. The consistent accomplishments that you take possibly like this:
1.Run 5km all day for first month
2.Run 10km all day for the second month
3.Run 15km all day for the third month and so on.

If you have taken accomplishments to train coherently for a period of time, you will absolutely be able to cease the marathon. But if you give up in the first month as you cannot see yourself progressing, you will never leaving to arrant the marathon.

No matter what you do, you need to take consistent accomplishments to see result! Please note that consistent accomplishments do not mean cyclic actions. If an act does not lead to your goal, you will not get the consequences by repeating it. Consistent accomplishments mean take appropriate accomplishments coherently so that they will arouse results.

For example, if you want to grow a plant. Firstly, you must take an act to plant the seeds. Then, you need to water it all day and make sure that they have the binding sunbeam to grow. You may also need to add fertilizers into the soil all now and then. It takes a series of alternative appropriate accomplishments regularly to grow a plant. In other words, consistent accomplishments mean a series of alternative appropriate accomplishments to arouse results.

The idea that I will like to allotment with you: Take consistent accomplishments to see results.

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