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Lists of Websites banned in Nepal

Lists of Websites banned in Nepal

Kathmandu, November 01, 2010- Everything possible in Nepal has finally now came to an end after Nepal Telecommunications Authority has written to all Internet Service Providers to immediately block dozens of sites it deems objectionable.

The list includes URLs that have explicit sex or violent content but also includes sites like huffingtonpost.com and the website of the rock band Sex Pistols.

Other sites include sfsi.org of San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), which trains people to become sex educators and operates a free information and referral switchboard.

Springer.com, the website of a prestigious scientific journal, is included as well. Yet another is wopusa.org, an outreach project for sex workers.

The full list of sites to be banned by the government Are below:
(dot)world sex(dot)com

Even ISP’s are banning these sites from their servers, there are thousands of ways to tackle or break the firewall of those ips and there are no absolute law in Nepal to Punish for those who only browse internet from home or office.

Increasing number of internet users in the country has grown by millions of users in a short period of time and latest smart mobile devices  such as mobile phones, PDA, Laptops and IPad are easy accesible to the net via proxy and can’t be stopped.

We must first implement strong law against those violaters, and should stop internal violations of cyber crimes.

Anyway good luck for the success and sorry people be descent on your life.


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