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Smart phones: HTC HD2 In my Experience


The world is competing on a scale of new and improved technologies; improve web experience, fast data centers, cheap laptops, smart and easy software and easy to use hand-held devices like smart Mobile phones, media players, digital cameras, GPS systems and more.

All these gadgets are making our life faster, easier and matchless to the life our ancestors had recently passed. This is the ear of smart technology. We became almost like a robot by using these fast growing trend of digitization.

In my recent observation, I came cross to the smarts phones and got HTC HD2 the best smart phone that I ever experienced. While I was searching for the reviews before I purchased one I found some of the facts and fantasies that may help to our readers as well.

Here are some points that I discovered:

TheHTC HD2 is easily the best Windows Mobile handset I’ve tested.

Until I find the HTC HD2, the Toshiba TG01 held the distinction of being the largest-screened, chunkiest smart phone I had tried. The HD2 comes in at a scales-busting 157g – nearly as much as the Nokia N900.

However, unlike that particular device, the HTC HD2 is a well-crafted, fantastic-screened smart phone that, despite its size, manages to emanate quality and attractiveness. In fact, it’s so well-assembled that I had real trouble getting inside to insert a SIM card.

The 4.3 inches display is extraordinarily fine, packing 480×800 pixels into its sensitive capacitive touch screen. Of all the touch screen models I tried, the HTC HD2’s was the best.

A smart onscreen slider unlocks the HTC HD2’s screen and prevents you accidentally surfing the web from your handbag or while you are keeping in your pocket and moving.

Office functions like appointments schedules, calls missed and messages incoming are notified here, so you don’t have to constantly keep checking for them.

HTC has done a great job with the overlay boundary. As with all Windows Mobile devices, what you see on the HTC HD2’s screen is customization both by you and the operator, but you’d be hard pushed to improve upon the default settings.

The current date is shown as a large flip-over calendar; the weather is made obvious by a huge sun or by raindrops dripping down the screen. The device automatically checks where you are, so you don’t need to keep telling it you’re not at home. 3G Tracking systems to be enabled.

This location-aware feature is also used to good effect in both the HTC HD2’s compass and in Footsteps, where photos are automatically geo-tagged with where you are and saved as digital postcards.

Large, attractive icons on the HTC HD2 offer one-click access to your calendar, messages, albums photo folder, camera, multimedia, videos and so on.

The Home button takes you to the plain and finger-friendly Windows Mobile 6.5 icons. The HTC HD2’s screen itself, however, is the real star of the show. Filch through the sample photos and you’ll watch at the quality.

Zooming in and out is a matter of double-tapping. The decent camera has an auto focus and zoom system, and even the speaker is above average.

I have been impressed with this phone due to the fact that it is very capable of supporting all of its features well during operation. The speed at which it operates is amazing. The smoothness of the touch interface is near perfect.

HTC have indeed put a very impressive shine on WM 6.5, for the greater part finger friendly. At times you are faced with using the standard WM features and at that point it needs a stylus in order to highlight boxes with accuracy its looking great, has lots of features…

Bad Points

Battery life is worse. Sound quality when you play in loudspeaker is even worst. Not easy to use, for example, you can’t add multi folders/albums in a play list at a time in music player.

You have to do it by entering one by one album, and when you finish adding up one album it’s gone back to the play list. You have to enter into the albums list again. It’s horrible…

Apart from this few consideration, HTC HD2 is the smartest smart phone that I ever recommend any smart phone users.

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