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Ma Marne Bela Timi Chai Aaunu

[wp_campaign_2] Latest Nepali modern love song By Prayash Shrestha. Ma marne Bela timi chai aaunu (Please come before i die). I think the singer’s first or second album but fantastic… Read more »

Nepali Modern Song – Kasko Ke ke Kura

June  06,2012 Pokhara – Nepali modern songs are my best and passion. I just watched and listened this latest Modern song by Nepal’s well-known  versatile singer Ananda Karki. Title: Kasko… Read more »

Marera Gaye Bhane

Marera gayen Bhane By shiva pariyar. [wp_campaign_1] [media id=59 width=630 height=380] [wp_campaign_3] Watch the sad but romantic song and leave us your comments.

Nepali Gazal: Yo Dunia Ma By Anju Panta

Nepali Gazal or Gajal has very short history as it is migrated from Indian Classics. There are very few Gazal singers in Nepal and Anju Panta is the most popular… Read more »

Nepali Modern Song Maya Antai Saara

Nepali Modern Song: Maya Antai Saara by Swaroop Raj Acharya. [wp_campaign_1] [media id=10 width=620 height=440] [wp_campaign_3]

Nepali Radio Program Bulbul Episode 123

Bulbul is a Radio Program (a gajal program). Thanks to BULBUL Team for bringing such a wonderful program.You can directly send your suggestion, comments & even your gajal to:bulbul[at] What… Read more »

Clasic Nepali Folk Song ooni poli khaunla

Modern Classic Nepali Folk Song by Sapana shree and Yam Baral. More videos at

Lok Dohori Geet 2011 – Samjhi samjhi runu parne chha

Samjhi samjhi runu parne chha – Lok Dohori Geet 2011 – nepali folk song Watch Latest Nepali Music videos at

Dharti Kunko Aakash Junkai Ho

Nepali Lok Dohori Geet 2011 – Dharti Kunko Aakash Junkai Ho by Ram Ji Khand Thakuri More Nepali dohori videos at

Lok dohori Geet 2011 Dandai gham ko jhulko

Lok dohori Geet 2011 Dandai gham ko jhulko Singer: Raju Pariyar and Bishnu Majhi. More videos at