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Nepali Lok Dohori Geet 2011 – Dharti Kunko Aakash Junkai Ho by Ram Ji Khand Thakuri More Nepali dohori videos at http://www.nepalitube.co

New Nepali Lok Dohori Geet 2011 – Yestai Raichha Maya Watch More videos at http://www.nepalitube.co

Hajaar Jooni By Uday Sotang Uday Sotang (Nepali: उदय सोताङ) is a well-known Nepali musician.He has written and composed numerous songs, and sung many of them himself. Most of his…

Nepalese music industries has grown up so popularly, those days a nice song has few hundred viewers, but today due to social media and more access to the technology and…

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