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32 Hottest Wags Was Present at FIFA World Cup 2018

Javier Hernandez has been dating Spanish TV actress Andrea Duro since his Bayer Leverkusen days and reportedly wants to move to Spain from West Ham to be closer to Andrea Duro who is reluctant to move to UK.

Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski Wife)

Robert Lewandowski is set to spearhead Poland’s attack in 2018 FIFA World Cup and he will be supported by his wife Anna Lewandowska who herself was an athlete and represented Poland.

Amal Belhanda (Younis Belhanda Wife)

Younus Belhanda is a french born footballer who represent Morroco on international level. He married his wife, Amal Belhanda few years back but we rarely see her in public eye.

Anastasia Kostenko (Dmitri Tarasov girlfriend)

Dmitri Rarasov divorced his wife Olga Buzova and within a month there were news about Anastasia Kostenko being pregnant with Tarasov child. Kostenko is a model in her native Russia.

Alexandra Ivarsdottir (Gylfi Sigurdsson Girlfriend)

Gylfi Sigurdsson’s Iceland made headlines in 2016 Euro and we can expect some more miracles from a team with smallest population in Europe. Sigurdsson’s partner Alexandra ivarsdottir turned a few heads in 2016 Euro and she will be supporting her country in Russia as well.

Noémie Happart (Yannick Carrasco Wife)

Noemie Happart is a model in native Belgium and she married her longterm boyfriend Yannick Carrasco in 2017 both moved to Chine after Carrasco’s tranfer.

Tugba Şahin (Nuri Sahin’s Wife)

Tugba Sahid married Nuri Sahin back in 2007.

Lorelei Taron (Radamel Falcao Wife)

Falcao is set for his last hurray at international stage this summer as he spearhead to highly rated Colombian team in 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Jessica Sterling (David Ospina Wife)

Arsenal second choice keeper David Ospina is likely to be in goal for Colombia in 2018 World Cup.

Yoo So-young (Son Heung-Min Girlfriend)

Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos Wife)

Pilar Rubio is a prominent name in Spanish TV and she married Sergio Ramos back in 2014 and have three children with him.

Edurne (David De Gea Girlfriend)

David De Gea has made himself first choice in Spanish national team and he will be in goal for Spain in 2018 World Cup. His longtime partner Edurne will be heading to Russia to support her man.

Lisa Müller (Thomas Muller Wife)

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