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Who is Gagan Kumar Thapa?


24 NOV, 2013, KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Thousands of Nepalese are celebrating Constituent Assembly election result as most of the people voted for the regular political parties.

Among the winners, Nepali congress young leader Gagan Kumar Thapa is in the top agenda and many of Nepalese are seeing hope of change in his winning bet. There is a group of Nepalese people who like to see him as the next prime minister of Nepal as his political agenda and his personal lifestyle and his generous entrepreneurship may lead the country to the new height.

A group has created a Facebook fan page proposing him as the next prime minister and it is getting almost 100 thousand likes in just 3 (three) days.

Who actually the guy named Gagan Kumar Thapa? Why does Nepalese people not only the supporters of Nepali congress but other opposition parties young people are admired him as next prime minister? To know little about him, i have just collected some information to share with you hare.

Gagan Thapa was born on July 16, 1976 at Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a young and energetic  political leader of Nepali Congress. He is holding  the central committee member of Nepali Congress, the most democratic party of Nepal. Begin his political career as a student leader back in 1990 at the age of just 14 or so, while there was a fight against “Single party Panchayat system” in Nepal, he is married to the daughter of another central committee member of Nepali Congress – Arjun Narasingha K.C and have a daughter till date.

School and College Life:

His childhood life was spent in the born town Kathmandu. He studied up to 10th standard from Siddhartha Vanasthli School Balaju, Kathmandu. He did his I.Sc. and BA from Tri Chandra College. Even he had studied science in his early collage, he dropped out the faculty and started his MA in Rural Development from Tribhuwan University. Later, he joined Master in Political Science to finish his collage  life. Once the captain of college Basketball team in his college days, he is, at present, one of the most popular and influential youth political leader in Nepal.

Although he had  plans to acquire a PhD in Political Economy from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, Gagan Thapa could not work to acquire it until democracy is restructured in Nepal.

Political Background:

As a prominent youth political leader of Nepal, he got his first taste of political activism in the year 1990 when he participated in the street protests against “King ruled single party Panchayat system”. He was the General Secretary of the Nepali Congress Student wing Nepal student Union from 2002 to 2004.

He was chairing vice president from 2000 to 2002 of NSU. He was also the committee member of the same union from 1998 to 2002. He was also the president of free student union of Tri Chandra College from 1998 to 2000. He was a member of first Constituent  Assembly 2008 from indirect member selection. Now, he is the second Constituent Assembly member elected from kathmandu -4 Constituency for the first time by direct voting system.

Gagan Thapa’s relationship with entrepreneurship.

1) With exception of the time he has spent on leading street movement, Gagan Thapa has always worked ever since finishing his High School. He has started working and making his own pocket money at the age of 16 as a newspaper distributor, worked as a RJ in Radio Nepal, being a  teacher, a sports commentator etc. He has also been a founder and partners in several private enterprises himself, including a DJ school (2005), and a media management company (1999/2000). He has also long believed that Nepali politicians should not have to depend on their work as policy makers to make a living which drive them into corruption and illegal use of rights of authority.

Gagan Thapa goat farm in Nuwakot, Nepal
Gagan Thapa goat farm in Nuwakot, Nepal

To avoid the such unjust and unlawful activities in his head, he himself founded an  entrepreneur who helped start  a livestock farm five year ago, and a meat shop two year later in Kathmandu to sustain his political career and his household expenses.

Gagan Thapa at his meat shop
Gagan Thapa at his meat shop

2) Gagan Thapa often speak about the youth entrepreneurship in Nepalese society as he see thousands of Young and energetic youths are leaving the country for better job in foreign land everyday.  “If we enable the entrepreneurship spirit of Nepalese youths, it will transform our economy and society for the good,” he has said consistently. Gagan Thapa worked actively as a Parliamentarian on domestic policies that would help create a better environment for young entrepreneurs in Nepal. And in the last two years alone, he has helped hundreds of youth across Nepal try their hands at being an agro-entrepreneur. “When I started my livestock farm I realized how inaccessible even basic information and services related to operating such an understating are,” he has said publicly. “But as I traveled through the more than 62 districts in the last three years, I also realized that my venture had sparked a new interest among people to engage in the same field. And I wanted to try to make sure they did not have to repeat my mistakes or go through the challenges I faced.”

3.) Education system in Nepal is not a viable and countable compare to the education system elsewhere in the world. We have more than 400 thousand young students out of high school every year but more than half of them get failed in their final result. According to Gagan, NO STUDENT SHOULD FAILED in high school, instead they will be graded for practical and professional training for further enhancement of their career.

4.) He is the only central committee member of Nepali congress party who defy the Nepal bandha or Strike all over Nepal in the past which he think is paralyzing the country’s economy. We can hope for no more Nepal Bandha in the future.

5.) He is young, energetic, wide minded, well educated, knows the changing face of the world in technology, knows better value for life, know the need of the needy and Nepal should now be change its generation old political tradition to the hard working youths to transform Nepal from a poorest country to the modern, sovereign and stable federal republic in near future.

If you think you can agree on the above agenda apart from the political agenda of Nepali congress in general, we will be happy to hear from you. Please use decent language to comment and compliments below.

“Let’s be hopeful for the Youngest Prime Minister of Nepal”



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