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Tibetan Refugees May face Difficulties ahead in Nepal

Nov 15, 2011, Kathmandu Nepal – As Nepal stands on its position of One China Policy, and keeping both the neighbors happy, Nepal Government prepare to crack down on Tibetan Refugee’s “FREE TIBET” Protests as it violates the Law of Nepal and its Foreign Policy.

Reports coming from Ministry of Home Affairs have it that the Tibetan refugees living in Nepal will have difficult and trying times ahead. The government will soon review its policies on the Tibetan refugees that is likely to be more stringent, reports confirm.

Spokesperson Sudhir Kumar Sah of the Home Ministry tells Reporters on November 13, 2011, that “The government is in a very difficult situation since the Tibetans have begun setting themselves on fire. The government of Nepal is committed on its one China policy. We will not allow any activities that go against the interest of our neighbors. This will lead to a situation where the government may have to slash all the facilities being granted to the Tibetans residing in Nepal, such as that of their freedom to move even.”

Sah also made it clear that the government may decide to put a ban on their business activities and their free movement.

A Tibetan refugee chanting anti-China slogans had set himself on fire in Kathmandu last week.

The government’s fresh decision appears to have been taken keeping in view of the likely  visit of Chinese Prime Minister to Nepal soon.

How the US senators and the administration react to such a fresh stance taken by Nepal’s government may perhaps determine the upcoming Chinese Premier’s Nepal trip?

China may hold up this high level visit to Nepal.  China has always pressured Nepal to crackdown on Tibetans since their arrival back in the 1956. Nepal holds more than 25000 tibetan refugees in various camps and monastaries across the country. Border between Nepal and china is closely monitored by Chinese but very weak situation in Nepal side due to its difficult landscape and lack of infra structures. However, Nepal government preparing to deploy more Armed Police forces to the chinese borders soon.

Source: The Himalayan.

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