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Supreme Court Of Nepal rejects writ appeal against contempt bill

28 JUNE 2014 KATHMANDU – It May be yet another blow to the public rights,  The Supreme Court administrations on Friday refused to register a writ petition, challenging the proposed Bill on contempt of court registered by the government in the Parliament.

According to the apex court’s Assistant Spokesperson Baburam Dahal, the administration reasoned that the bill is immature, and conducting hearing over it will make no sense. “The writ appeal was rejected because the bill is yet to get the status of a law,” Court Registrar Lohit Chandra Shah has mentioned in the order.

In the writ application, advocate Arjun Kumar Aryal argued the bill was introduced to curtail press freedom and freedom of expression. On June 8, the government had registered the bill at the Parliament Secretariat for a separate law on contempt of court. The clause 4 of the proposed bill states that publishing any falsified documents, malicious materials and defamatory statements regarding prejudice cases that may influence a verdict, erode people’s trust in the court or create confusion in court activities shall be regarded as contempt of court.

Since the bill does not define the terms like “falsified”, “malicious”, and “defamatory” lawmakers and media experts fear of possible misuse of the provision.

‘Can’t get people’s rights curtailed’: Maoist Leader Puspa Kamal Dahal

Meanwhile, UCPN (Maoist) Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said efforts to curtail fundamental rights of people under any pretext will not be tolerated.

Dahal made this remark while replying to journalists’ query regarding the proposed Bill on contempt of court at Biratnagar Airport on Friday. “There will be intense discussion on the matter in the parliament. We will not allow fundamental rights of the people be stifled under any circumstances,” he said. When his attention was drawn towards the fact that contempt charges are now being brought against journalists, the Maoist chairman said, “Some signs are definitely not good.”

Nepal’s Lawmakers are accused of being corrupted, and in many cases judges are found to be guilty of taking bribes, seeking political gesture and lobbying for political parties which has loosen its faith among the public in recent years.

Source: KOL

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