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Sold to the brothels

This Innocent teenage girls were once sold to the brothels of India and rescued and sheltered by Maiti Nepal after their arrival in Kathmandu.
This Innocent teenage girls were once sold to the brothels of India and rescued and sheltered by Maiti Nepal after their arrival in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, JUN 07 – As Political Uncertainty continues, lack of job opportunity and illiterate, most of the Nepali girls were trafficked to Gulf countries through India due to Nepali ban on women to go aboard for work. They share a common story. All of them were lured out of deprived lives, only to end up in brothels of Indian towns and in Gulf countries.Married 25-year-old Rita Karki of Dhangadhi was more optimistic about her better future when her relative promised her lucrative employment in the United Arab Emirates. When Karki boarded a flight for sharjah, UAE, she had no idea she would end up a sex slave. “They used to thrash me and bully me into doing unspeakable acts,” recounted Karki, who agreed to go to the UAE in the hope of sending good money back home.
With shattered dreams and disturbed mind, she managed to escape from the house within 15 days and landed in Mumbai, India. She is only a case in point. According to Sumitra Shrestha, in-charge of the shelter and rehabilitation section at Maiti Nepal, many girls are hoodwinked into fraudulent marriages or promised employment opportunities in Gulf nations and Indian cities. They get trapped in the sex trade largely owing to ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.

In another instance, 18-year-old Sita Tamang recounted that she was locked up for three days, starved and beaten till she agreed to cater to more than five clients a day. Tamang, who hails from a remote village of Nuwakot, was lured by a woman who befriended her during a local festival.

Tamang was drugged, taken to Mumbai and sold to a brothel owner who herself happened to be a Nepali woman. “I was shocked to learn that I had been sold,” said Tamang, who had no option but to cater to clients for more than a year. Rescued in a police raid on Mumbai’s red light area, she was repatriated to Nepal this week along with four girls at the initiation of Maiti Nepal. Two girls, who were picked up from Mumbai’s airport, are from Middle East-based brothels.

All the girls, mostly teenagers, from Nuwakot recounted the same horror. Some, however, were not able to get a clue about the forces that dragged them to brothels. Among them, is a mentally retarded girl who has given birth to two children while serving in the brothel. They had hoped that they would earn money.

Of course, five girls said they had earned at least Rs. 0.5 million in their stay in Mumbai’s brothels. However, they got no part of the money after they were rescued by Rescue Foundation in India. “The Nepali didi (sister) kept it all. We returned with nothing,” said Tamang.
There is many things to do to stop such incidents but who will? Our Government? or those brokers who always manipulate government officials with few hundreds of rupees and clear their ways? We as Nepali citizens have to learn the lesson from the past and prepare for future.
Let’s get together and stop such inhuman act to strand forever.

-by Admin Based on Kantipur.

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