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Saudi Arabian police clash with foreign workers

Saudi Police on Raid to eliminate illegal foreign workers - Photo: Reuters
Saudi Police on Raid to eliminate illegal foreign workers – Photo: Reuters

11 NOV. 2013,  RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA – In on going process to eliminate illegal workers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Police have been clash with foreign workers which search and catch operation was ongoing camp to camp as reported by news agencies in Saudi Arabia.

On Saturday one foreign worker have been died in the clash as thousands of illegal workers are protesting towards government officials.

Saudi Arabian police clashed with foreign workers in a poor district of Riyadh on Saturday, nearly a week into a visa crackdown in which thousands have been detained and one man killed by police.

Security forces in riot gear fired into the air and used truncheons to disperse large crowds as scores of men ran through the streets, some throwing stones and other missiles at cars and police, according to Reuters witnesses. It was not clear if many people had been injured in the disturbances in the Manfuhah neighborhood of southern Riyadh, but there were ambulances among the emergency vehicles at one location.

Video Footage of News from Reuters on the clash:

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The Saudi Arabia n government has started detaining illegal migrant workers who failed to become part of the Saudi government’s amnesty scheme launched from May 10 to November 3 in the country.

It is learnt that 8,000 illegal migrant workers were arrested from Jijan area in the country in a single day.

However, the Nepali embassy in Riyadh said no illegal Nepali workers have been arrested as of last  Wednesday. “Police have to inform the embassy if a Nepali migrant is arrested in order to acquire an exit permit. No application in this regard has been registered at the embassy so far,” said Nepali Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Udayraj Pandey.

Pandey claimed illegal Nepali workers utilized the amnesty scheme to the full. As part of the amnesty scheme, 35,000 illegal Nepali workers, including 300 women, are said to have returned home while 9,000 others legalized their status.

“Illegal workers who skipped the amnesty opportunity are being arrested. Such workers will be put in a detention center before deporting them to their own countries,” he said. He said police also fine such workers.

“Workers who became illegal by leaving their sponsors without passports after April 5 can surrender to police and that they will be sent back to their home country,” he said.

He said some illegal migrant workers working for their employers with a hope to get their status legalized are yet to acquire such status and may face action in future. “We have urged such workers to return home,” he said.

Source: Reuters/ Agencies.

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