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President Yadav calls parties to form a majority government

KATHMANDU, JUL 13 -Even after two weeks of  resignation of Former Prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Nepal could not form a government of consensus till date to run the government.

 Now President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav on Monday called on the political parties to form a majority government as the parties failed to form a national consensus government even within the extended time period.

The president appeal to the parties to strive for a majority government under the Article 38 (2) from tomorrow as the deadline to form the national consensus government according to Article 38 (1) of the Interim Constitution ended today.

Earlier on Wednesday, President Yadav had graced five-day extra time to the political parties for a national unity government following the request by the Constituent Assembly parties.

After Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal resignation, the President had given a seven-day timeline to the parties to form a unity government which ended last Wednesday.

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