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Nepali Congress Proposes equal provinces for Tarai and hills

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06 October 2014, KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Political Parties in Nepal has less than two weeks to finalize their agenda and stands to draft the new Constitution in Nepal with consensus, Nepali congress, The largest and most influenced for the political upcoming, has suggested up-to 9 provinces in the federal Nepal. Nepali congress has proposed equal provinces both in Terai and hilly region with a central province to address the all ethnic groups, land mass and resources divide in equal manner.

According to the news sources, Nepali Congress (NC) has said that there should be equal provinces in the Tarai (Madhes) and hills (Pahad) while adopting federal structures. The ruling party has said that both regions have almost equal population and represent diverse caste and communities which needs to be taken into account while craving the federal units. A meeting of NC’s office bearers and Central Working Committee members on Saturday maintained that the party could agree up to nine federal provinces.

According to NC, Madhes and hills could have four provinces each and that one province could be assigned as the center for both regions. NC leaders from the Madhes were pressing party leadership that there should be at least four provinces in Madhes considering the diversity of Madhes. This unofficial position is prepared to present party’s position in three-party meeting on constitutional issues.

NC’s position contradicts the position taken by opposition parties UCPN (Maoist) and Madhes-based parties, that there should not be more than two provinces in Tarai-Madhes. In its election manifesto, NC has mentioned seven provinces without clear demarcation and names. The party leaders said it prepared a new position on the basis of talks with coalition partner CPN-UML and through inter-party deliberations.

On forms of governance, NC has reiterated its position of improved parliamentary system. The party has said that the flaws of parliamentary system, which is mainly unstable government, could be removed adding some provisions in a new constitution.

Regarding the president, NC has said that president could be elected through Electoral College. As for the electoral system, NC is of the view that the members of lower house should be elected through direct election, while upper house could be made inclusive through both elections and nominations.

On Judiciary, NC said that constitutional court could be set up for a fixed period to look after the cases related to boundary disputes between states, allocation of resources between federal and states, among others. The position prepared by top leaders of the party is yet to be discussed and endorse by party’s Central Committee. NC leader Bal Krishna Khad said the new proposal addresses inclusive agenda and represents the diversity of the country.

General Public and some of the Political analyst are doubtful about the timely constitution drafting in Nepal which is deadlines for November 16 this year. Failing to draft a new constitute by current constituent assembly could change political history of Nepal as public are in anger and grief of being rootless for the progress of the country. Nepalese people may not be able to bare another constituent assembly election and spent billions of donated fund instead they would prefer to utilize them for the development of the country.

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