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Nepal Requires 24000 new Doctors

Doctors wanted
According to NMA Nepal Requires 24,000 Doctors to fulfill the current situation of Nepal’s health condition.

11 NOVEMBER 2014 KATHMANDU – Health condition of average Nepalese is one of the poorest in the world. Reach of a doctor is the lowest in Asia as most of the doctors are resided in cities only.

One has to travel somewhere from 5 hrs to 3 days walk to reach a doctor and in many cases patient dies during their journey to the medical assistant.

In this situation, Nepal Medical Association (NMA) has said that Nepal still needs around 24,000 doctors to meet the demand of the rising population and new challenges in Medical sciences.

Speaking at a press meet organized by Gandaki Chapter of NMA in Pokhara on last Friday, November 8, 2014, NMA chief Dr Anjani Kumar Jha said the existing government quota of doctors was designed when the country’s population was 10 million.

The current population of Nepal is estimated to be around 27 million.
“Availing medical services to people has become a tough job, as only 1,300 doctors provide services to patients in the government health institutions at present.”

NMA chief Jha further said people would get good treatment facility only if a doctor manages time to check 7 to 10 patients a day.

As Mr Jha highlights the current situation of health institutions in Nepal, Many of the doctor;s have their own clinic, hospitals and even medical collages which they give full time of their day and not even appear into their primary job location. Hundreds of Doctor’s posted in mountains are not attending their job for several months and NMA is not even taking care of them.

The situation get worst when there is some kind of natural disaster as lack of doctor, hesitation of doctor’s to travel and taking responsibility has caused thousands of lives every year.

Source: KOL

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