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Missing Youths Rescued by Police

13 January 2019 Kathmandu – As weather is chilling around Kathmandu valley, snowing at near by mountains and hills are common. Last week, a bit of rain and cold weather has showered snow around the city which has lured youths and aged to the mountain to play with winter snow. Some youths from Kathmandu went to near by mountain Phulchoki to enjoy their holiday but missed the way back and lost which has create panic to the family and security departments, luckily, they were all found safe after 3 days in the jungle.
According to the Police in Lalitpur district, they have ‘rescued’ 16 persons who were missing from Phulchoki forest of the district since Saturday evening.

Rescued Youths at the Lalitpur Police Office.
Rescued Youths at the Lalitpur Police Office.

The youth, including 12 boys and four girls, had gone to the forest for recreation yesterday. As they did not return home till the evening, the families had informed police about their disappearance.

Following the report, police had launched a search and rescue operation yesterday itself.

SP Shekhar Khanal of Lalitpur Metropolitan Police Range says they were rescued from a point inside the forest, which is around 10 kilometers away from Godavari Bus Park. Police had mobilized seven teams in the search, according to Khanal.
Youths are suggested and advised not to take it easy for forest hikes and steep slopes as they are extremely dangerous if you are not familiar with the locality and nature.

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