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Maoists increasingly involved in criminal activities

Maoist commander Kalibahadur kham
Maoist commander Kalibahadur kham

Kathmandu July 18, 2010-One of the Largest Political Party, Nepal’s former Maoist combatants have broken the law more than 25 times since the signing of a 2006 peace deal, media reports said Saturday, as the political stalemate over the formation of a new government continued.

Although the incidents of violence and criminal activities are increasing, no action has been taken against the combatants, the Kantipur newspaper quoted a confidential army report as saying.

The Nepalese media has been rife with reports of Maoist 5th division commander Kali Bahadur Kham’s involvement in criminal activities. He has been charged with the murder of businessman Ramhari Shrestha, and is the alleged mastermind of a recent attack on Chinese businessmen.

Other Maoist combatants are charged with being caught outside the Maoist cantonment with arms, seizing property, looting and mistreatment of women, according to the report. However, they have not been arrested due to political pressure, it adds.

“Most of the combatants are released in the presence of UNMIN, so we have no exact figures on how many were detained or released,” police spokesman Yadav Khanal said, putting the blame at the feet of the UN Mission in Nepal. “Our job is only to verify if the combatants and their arms are registered with UNMIN. It’s up to the police to release or detain them,” UNMIN spokesman Kosmos Biswakarma retaliated.

UNMIN bore the brunt of government ire recently for its alleged support of the Maoists and for breaching diplomatic channels of communication.

The revelation comes at a time when the pressure is growing on the Maoists from other political parties to transform themselves into a civilian party, before they can lead the new government. It is likely to be a setback for the Maoists, who are trying to garner support from other parties to support them to lead the new government.

The Maoists guerrillas waged a decade-long war in Nepal, in which 14,000 people lost their lives.

After they signed the Comprehensive Peace Accord to join mainstream politics, their combatants were kept in encampments in different districts of the Himalayan kingdom, under UN supervision.

Although there are enough proofs of wrong doing, government could not tackle those of Maoist cadres due to Political crisis and unstable government in the Himalayan Republic.

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