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Manipal Hospital resumes services after 5 days

Manipal Hospital Pokhara
Manipal Hospital Pokhara

26 JULY 2014 – POKHARA – Manipal Hospital and Medical collage  has resumed its services from Wednesday 23rd July 2014  after its closure for the 5 days due to strike called by its cleaning and house keeping staffs which has ended after  the hospital management struck an agreement with the agitating staff.

The hospital was remained closed since Friday 18th July after its cleaning and House Keeping staffers refused to collect garbage and use sterilizing chemicals citing for insecure to work and  to press for an eight-point demand.

The agitating employees called off their strike after the hospital agreed to meet their major demand of providing them with sufficient safety measures and special gear for sanitation staff.

According to a cleaning supervisor working in the hospital since long, hospital management is not providing enough equipment, such as safety gloves, masks and other tools to handle the waste produced in the hospital.

Manipal is the one of the biggest hospital with modern facility equipped to handle all type of illness and providing health services to around 950 patients on a daily basis.

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