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K. P. Oli says – Chari died in cold blooded Murder

Gandster Dinesh Adhikari aka Chari encountered in Kathmandu.
Gandster Dinesh Adhikari aka Chari encountered in Kathmandu.

09 AUGUST 2014, KATHMANDU – Death is inevitable, Everyone who is alive today has to die one day but how and where in not a certain thing that any living creature should assumed.

A Human has his/her birth right to survive unless there are certain laws by the nation which may direct to end someone’s life but that is not the case in Nepal. Nepal’s law do not permit anyone to kill or penalize death penalty for any kind of criminal acts.

Here are some serious points that we would like to rise to the public for better understanding of  murder of a so called gangster of Nepal, Dinesh Adhikari aka “Chari”.

His Immediate family member told us that the day he was killed in so much crafted “encounter shootout” was all fake stories as he was taking some two lakh rupees from his family member to pay the lawyer’s fee to file a petition against his cases pending with Police to surrender.

The Motorbike found in the scene was not even belongs to him or any of his family members or near known people.

There were not enough blood drops that could prove that he was killed in an encounter at the same site as we all knows human body has about 5 liters of blood and it would cover some 200 meters of area which are not scene in this case.

Dinesh Adhikari's Dead body at the TU teaching hospital.
Dinesh Adhikari’s Dead body at the TU teaching hospital.

Encounter site at Bhimdhunga, Kathmandu.
Encounter site at Bhimdhunga, Kathmandu.

Chari was hiding in India and had some property there as well along with his some family members. They are living in India for more than 30 Years permanently, he could have lived there forever.

The doubt is who called him to come to Nepal ? Who has manipulated him to be in such danger? Was it his girlfriend? Or those protectors in the Party?
Who has given orders to shoot at a site ? as his case was not finalized by any court in Nepal and he was not involved in any such criminal act in recent months.
News reports suggest that he was caught by police or some other rival gang, killed him in secret location and thrown in the scene, if this is the case, who is behind the scene?

His supporters and party members are now staging several strikes and the main highway of Nepal, Prithivi Highway which is his home district as well could go for several days of closure if government could not form an independent committee to investigate the case and bring the truth out in time.
This incident could give birth to thousands of new “chari” in the future as killing of criminal could not eradicate the crime in any manner.

A day after police claimed that notorious gangster Dinesh Adhikari ‘ Chari ’ was shot dead in an encounter, new leads began to emerge on Thursday, exposing police inconsistencies.

In parliament, CPN-UML lawmakers demanded investigation into the death of Chari , whose body was found with four bullet wounds in Bhimdhunga, 7 km south of Kathmandu.

Relatives of the dead have claimed that police killed him in a fake encounter. Chari ’s supposed girlfriend Khusbu Oli, Miss Teen of 2006, told reporters on Wednesday that it was “revenge killing” from police inspector Kumud Dhungel. She said she repeatedly turned down the police officer’s attempt to court her.

“He [ Chari ] was online on Viber till the morning and changed his Viber picture twice,” said Oli, speaking to reporters at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) on Wednesday night.

But SSP Pushkar Karki, head of Metropolitan Police Crime Division, dismissed the allegations saying the police had responded in self-defense. He reiterated that the motorcycle-borne assailant had opened fire at the police.

Some have questioned the police narrative that Adhikari was shot in the chest while he was speeding away on a motorcycle, arguing that the bullets would have been lodged in his back in such a case. CPN-UML leaders claimed that Chari was caught in Kalanki. He was the UML’s Dhading district regional deputy chairperson.

In parliament, UML leaders from Dhading, Adhikari’s home district, demanded an independent inquiry into the incident. They have also called for suspension of SSP Karki “for staging a fake encounter”.

Doctors at TUTH said the autopsy had not been conducted until Thursday as the deceased’s family had to be present for the process.

UML leader Rajendra Pandey said that not a drop of blood was spotted at the scene where the gangster was claimed to have died in an encounter. “Police officials involved in the extra-judicial killing should be booked,” he demanded.

Another UML lawmaker, Guru Burlakoti asked the police to make public the details of its personnel said to have been injured in the cross-fire. Another UML lawmaker and former minister Ganga Lal Tuladhar said the killing was “pre-mediated.”

Prem Suwal of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party said the killing reminded him of the Panchayat era when political prisoners were gunned down in cold blood, falsely charging them with attempt to flee during jail transfer.

Speaker Subas Nembang on Thursday asked Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam to apprise Parliament on the incident. His ruling followed an uproar in the House.

Meanwhile, over 200 UML supporters reached Balkhu to draw the party’s attention on the incident. In a meeting with Adhikari supporters at the UML headquarters on Thursday, UML Chairman Oli rubbished media reports of “encounter”, calling it an extra-judicial case of killing. “It was a pre-mediated fake encounter. An independent parliamentary panel should look into this matter,” said Oli.

Party workers met Home Minister Gautam, who is a UML vice-chairman, early in the morning, demanding suspension of SSP Karki.

Police have a number of cases against Adhikari of attempted murder, extortion, assault and possession of arms and running illegal business. Adhikari began his notorious deeds in 2003, abetting Kumar Shrestha “Ghainte” in Samakhusi. He broke with Ghainte in 2008 to operate his own “business”.

Adhikari was at large after a shooting incident in 2008. He surrendered in 2009 after the police had issued a shoot-at-sight order. He was released after nine months in jail.

Adhikari was in the spotlight on July 6 last year when he was shot at by one of his gang members, Radhe Bhandari. Police later arrested him too after it was revealed that a pistol used by Bhandari actually belonged to Chari .

Considered close to UML chief Oli, Adhikari’s involvement is suspected also in the shooting of Nepali Congress member Min Krishna Maharjan in Lalitpur earlier. The prime accused, Ramesh Bahun, was caught in India.

Hope everything goes peacefully and those who is supporting party leaders in different political parties as chari should think twice before they involve in any such acts that chari was carrying out. There are several question to answer which may not be answered forever.

Source: KOL/Online Reports

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