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Dishanirdesh with Dilshova Shrestha

This world is running for business nowadays, no one would help you without their own financial or moral benefit, but there are some who does without seeking anything but just satisfaction of being a human. In those few, a women of Kathmandu, who turns 70 soon, could not see the situation of those young children of Karnali Zone Nepal, where decade long civil war has crippled the life of people and mostly the children are affected very badly.

Social Worker Dilshova Shrestha on Dishanirdesh
Social Worker Dilshova Shrestha on Dishanirdesh

Now those children has a new home along with several grannies living together in a single home in Kathmandu and all of them either a 5 year old boy or a women of 90’s called her Aama or Mother. Let’s watch the eye tearing show of Dishanidresh and find out how it is possible for a women to take care of those children and elders in her home.

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