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Wanna be nanny forced into prostitution

June 11, 2012, DUBAI – Three women visitors were charged with human trafficking in the Court of First Instance in Dubai.

The three women, all Uzbek aged 50, 28 and 25, allegedly fooled their compatriot into coming to the UAE to work as a nanny and forced her into prostitution under threat and beating.

The 50-year-old main woman defendant is accused along with a 51-year-old Iranian man, a trader, of running a brothel in an apartment in Muraqqabat. The two other women are also accused of indulging in prostitution.

The 23-year-old alleged victim, who is in the country on a visit visa, told the prosecutor that the main woman defendant offered her, through a woman back home, a job of a nanny of her two children for a monthly salary of $700. She accepted the offer and paid her $500 for the visa and travel charges.

In October last year, she came to Dubai and was met by the main defendant and the 28-year-old woman defendant at Dubai International Airport.

They stripped her of her passport and told her that she would work as a prostitute or pay them $20,000 to be left free. They beat her up and threatened to kill her if she did not obey them.

Scared, she accompanied the main defendant the following day to a disco in a hotel in Deira where she met a pleasure-seeker and had sex with him. The defendant allegedly collected Dh1,000 from him. The next day, she met another customer at the same place, had sex with him and the defendant collected the money.

On the third day, she was assaulted by a drunken customer who forced her to have sex with him in a hotel room. She woke up in the morning and went to the reception where she recovered her passport and took a cab to the police station.

The police raided the apartment used by the defendants as a brothel in Muraqqabat. The women were found to be working willingly in prostitution. The victim told the cops that the 25-year-old woman accused beat her up to force her into prostitution. She said the male defendant stayed in the flat and was the boyfriend of the main accused.

Source: Gulfnews

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