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How Cruel Can a Mom be?

23 APRIL 2015 POKHARA – How important is your love life? What can you do to protect your love or your affairs with someone out of your marriage? Can you kill your own children too to get what you are willing to? Modern technology and social media may have triggered out badly in some personal life too.

According to a news report, A Russian women in Russia throws her baby to ground before pretending to ‘stamp’ on the 18-month-year old and abandoning it.

Police in Russia are investigating footage that appears to show a woman feigning to stamp on the head of her 18-month-old baby.

The woman allegedly got into a blazing row with her husband, Vyacheslav, after he discovered text messages from another man on her phone.

Before her husband began filming she had apparently thrown their daughter, lying prone on the floor in the video, to the ground.

Bristling with anger and shouting at Vyacheslav, the woman approaches the baby and shapes as though she is about to stamp down on it before pulling out at the last second.

The family were walking through a park in the city of Noginsk in Western Russia’s Moscow Oblast when the row seems to have escalated.

According to the Metro, eyewitness Ludmila Ignatyeva, 43, told police: “I saw them arguing and the mum fling the baby to the ground and made as if to stamp on her.”

“The man then fled in one direction while his angry wife ran off in the other. The baby was left behind on the ground.”

After the video was posted online, police and social services were understood to be reviewing the footage.

The baby was checked over by doctors, who ruled that she was in good health.

In 2010 a woman stamped on her baby in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou after being accused of stealing phones by high school students.

She threw her baby on to the ground and stamped on it when police arrived at the scene before she was taken to a police station. Miraculously the baby escaped unharmed.

Also in 2010, Oliver Longcake killed his step-daughter Alisia Salter in Hull by stamping on her because she had been crying.

He was told by Judge Jeremy Richardson that his crime was so horrible that “it almost defied description’ and was jailed for life.

Source : The Independent

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