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Charles sobhraj final verdict postponed again

charles sobharaj
Charles sobharaj

Kathmandu, July 14, 2010-The Supreme Court on Nepal on Wednesday postponed the hearing to pass the final verdict on French national Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj’s case to a later date. The apex court was scheduled to give a final verdict on the protracted case today.
A division bench of Justices Ram Kumar Prasad Shah and Gauri Dhakal postponed the final verdict on the murder case involving Sobhraj, who is nicknamed “the serpent” and “the bikini killer” for his skill at deception and evation, to July 30 citing lack of time.

Sobhraj, who preyed on Western tourists throughout Southeast Asia including India and Nepal  during the 1970s, has been charged with murdering two foreign nationals in Kathmandu back in 1975.

Following his arrest in Kathmandu in 2003, Sobhraj was jailed after the Kathmandu District court found him guilty of the murder of US Citizen Connie Jo Bronzich.

Sobhraj who recently had married a Nepali teenage girl and seeking release from the jail as early as possible and continue his life in Nepal or in paris.

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