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Ban Ki Moon recommends for continuing UNMIN with current mandate

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

KATHMANDU, SEP 06 -Long debated issue of UNMIN in Nepal Finally got extented as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has urged Nepal’s political parties to continue UNMIN with its current mandate in order to permit the future of the mission to be decided after the formation of a new government.

In his report due to be presented to the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Ban has said that he is not “in favour of repeated extensions of the Mission’s mandate in an atmosphere of persistent and unfounded criticism that complicates its ability to function.”

“The current situation has not been conducive to sustained engagement over the future of the Mission,” states the press release issued by UNMIN on Monday quoting the Secretary General’s report.  “Under the circumstances, the Secretary General recommends that the current mandate of UNMIN be rolled over in order to permit the necessary discussions to take place with a duly formed government.”

The Secretary General has also warned about termination of UNMIN’s mandate if the parties, after the formation of new government, fail to reach consensus on phasing out UNMIN. “Should these discussions offer neither clarity nor any prospect of consensus among the parties to the CPA and AMMAA regarding a realistic and time-bound fulfillment of their commitments concerning the armies and the phasing out of UNMIN monitoring, then the Secretary-General will propose alternate measures to the Council, including possible termination of UNMIN’s mandate,” adds the release.

In the report, Ban has appealed to the parties to address the challenges to the peace process through a consensual and negotiated process.  He has noted that a year term extension of the Constituent Assembly (CA) averted a constitutional crisis and there have been few signs of consensual way forward in the peace process but the process has failed to gain momentum due to internal fissures among major parties and the question of power sharing.

Ban has also recalled that UNMIN has repeatedly pressed for action on integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants and the democratization of the Nepal Army and has warned of serious consequences if the future of the two armies were not addressed promptly. “Despite UNMIN’s sustained efforts, which included consultations with senior party leaders and the preparation of a ‘non-paper’ on the technical aspects of integration and rehabilitation, little progress has been made to enable the Mission to hand over or to conclude its tasks,” adds the statement.

In addition to the main outstanding tasks in the peace process, namely resolving the future of the two armies and completing the drafting of the constitution, the report to be presented on Tuesday according to UNMIN covers other challenges including continued insecurity and reports of lawlessness predominantly in the Tarai and some hilly districts. It also highlights the UCPN-M -called general strike, increased extortion by armed groups and ethnic-based organizations, and lack of progress in addressing impunity for human rights violations.

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