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2.5 billion smartphone users globally by 2015

By the End of 2015, two third of the world's population would be using smartphones according to a survey.
By the End of 2015, two third of the world’s population would be using smartphones according to a survey.

29 JULY 2014 – KATHMANDU – How the technology and smart gadgets are crippling our lives that can be seen while you are roaming around the city or even in the small towns everywhere around the world. We are all connected by wireless smart device called smartphone. Hundreds of smartphone companies producing millions of handsets every year and it is reaching every corner of the globe.

In a recent statement published by a smartphone manufacturer in the US, by the end of 2015 the global smartphone users will exceed over 2.5 billion which is almost half of the total population of the world.

According to a separate report by Sweden-based Ericsson, smartphone users reached 1.9 billion at the end of 2013 and is set to expand to 3.3 billion by the end of 2015.

Nearly 2.5 billion people or 35 percent of the global population is expected to use smartphones by the end of 2015, says the latest report of US-based industry tracker Strategy Analytic’s.

The reason behind this surge is the expansion of low-end smartphones by global players that has helped them make inroads into emerging markets in the developing countries like India and China.

“The Asia-Pacific region holds the most number of smartphone users while Europe and North America have the highest portion of people holding the high-tech handsets among all mobile phone users,” the report said.

That means more than three in every 10 people will be smartphone users. According to the market research firm, the number of global users had surpassed one billion in 2012.

I have a doubt that the day will come when you went to buy a kg of vegetable, or a kg of rice would prized with mobile set or an electronic device in offer as the prices of those items are getting relevantly low comparing to the food price hiked in recent years.

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