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Tips To Stay Healthy with Your AC

27 October 2016, Kathmandu – Today’s modern invention has made our life more comfortable but those invention are sometime could convert those invention to a killer machine too. We often Do Not notice such impact easily but we must know the fact that every good has bad too.

Are you sneezing too often? Do you have stuffy nose? This could be the attack of seasonal allergy caused by the changing weather in the area or could be due to virus infection. Where does these viruses are coming from? If you know the simple our daily used machinery may have caused, you would be very much panic.

According to the experts, the AC vents at homes, offices and cars can cause allergies and infections if not cleaned from time to time.

While the airborne pollutants like dust and pollen might be making you sick, the unclean Air Conditioner vents of your car and home can be a cause too.

Here are some tips from experts on tacking seasonal allergies:

  • 1: Wear mask while going outdoors. Take anti-allergic while the climate begins to change to avoid getting sick. Keep the house and place of work clean
  • 2: Avoid contact with people affected with seasonal allergies.
  • 3: Get vaccinated against influenza which is usually given once a year. Flu vaccine takes about 2 weeks to work. It must, however be noted that one can still get infected with other strains of viruses. The vaccine reduces the symptoms and incidences of infection by about 50 per cent.
  • 4: For those infected, avoid contact with people and crowded places to prevent spreading of infection.
  • 5: Wash hands frequently with soap. Use tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose tissue immediately in a closed dustbin.

“In the countries where temperatures are as high as 50 degrees and above, we breathe air circulated through ACs. It is one of the major causes of allergies. During the changing weather, residents must ensure keeping the AC vents clean or keeping them shut to avoid allergies and infections, Doctors in various countries and cities suggest that cleaning of AC vents and rugs could decrees these kind of infection by 70 percent.

If you are in the countries where seasonal  sand storms happens and other windy situation occurs time to time, AC filters and vents must be checked for clogs and cleaned.

“There are silicon particles in sand which have sharp edges. These edges slash our airways and make us sick.”

Doctors revealed that travelers and migrant workers who may not have been experiencing allergies in their home country can fall sick in those countries.

“This is because the pollutants in countries like India or Pakistan are different from Gulf region. Similarly, there can be people who had allergies in their home country and feel better in the other region too. Its all due to difference in the pollutants and their allergy resistant power on them.

Seasonal allergies are mainly caused by the response of the immune system to the foreign bodies like bacteria, virus, dust etc.

Taking antibiotics for seasonal allergy? Think again

Experts caution against taking antibiotics during seasonal allergies as the infection is mostly viral and not bacterial.

“Do not use antibiotics advised by pharmacists or self medications. One can use OTC anti histamines and paracetamol. Visit doctor if symptoms do not subside in 2-3 days,” As per experts, viral flu can last for 7 days and antibiotics may not be required.

For children suffering from allergies, special care must be taken. They should not be sent to school at least 24 hrs after fever has subsided so that infection does not spread. Children like adults, must be encouraged to drink lots of fluids and hot drinks. Steam inhalation can also help relieving symptoms.

“Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. For cold and block nose avoid using nasal decongestants but saline nasal drops or sprays are helpful and safe to use in all ages. Children must be taken to doctor especially if they show signs of dehydration”.

As we all known, precaution is better than treatment, so we must keep our surroundings clean, dust free and specially AC’s vents, rugs in the floor, curtains, keep windows open during day so fresh air could pass and bad air to release out.

Source: Based On KT News

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