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Dhs 5,000 fine for breaking this rule at massage parlors

17 April 2019, Dubai -a regulated wellness center could promote business and well being together but in our country it is all about not even registering the business to avoid taxes.
Massage centers in Nepal are not even publicly talked subject but a country where most of the law and business runs on Islamic tradition and value has regulated massage centers with new rules as reported by leading news papers recently.
According to the health and personal care guidelines issued by municipalities in the UAE and Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment, women massage centers who employ men will be fined an amount of Dhs 5,000.

On the other hand, centers meant for men will be fined the same amount for hiring female employees.

The guide stressed that staff must be of the same sex as the customers, Emarat Al Youm reported. If the center provides a unisex service, there must be a separate entrance for men and women, and different appointment timings.

Massage centers should also abstain from any advertisements that are against the country’s customs, traditions and violates public modesty.

It is prohibited to put security cameras in the massage centers unless a security approval has been issued for the same.

The guide also pointed out the need to maintain public hygiene by keeping the tools sanitized and stored in a closet. Clean towels must be provided and the massage bed sheets must be changed after every session.
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