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World’s Top 7 Dropouts Who Became Millionaires

Dares to become Millionaire
Dares to become Millionaire

28 July 2014 -KATHMANDU – I was wondering how to become Millionaire? I was reading some Articles regarding education system in Nepal and some students (At least 10 of them) has committed suicide recently as they could not pass in their High school exam.  If anyone of you reading this story below, you can motivate those children in Nepal and around the world to try some other area of practice if studying is not their choice. To be frank, you need to have basic knowledge of anything that you want to do and of course your hardship would be prized.

1. Walt Disney – The maker of the adorable Mickey Mouse dropped out of school at the age of 16 and went on to become the most fascinating and well-known film producers of the world. With an average of 3 Disney films produced every year, the Walt Disney Company earns annual revenue of a whopping USD 35 billion.

2. Henry Ford – Do you own a Ford car? If yes, then you’d be pleased to know that its founder Henry Ford was a dropout as well. He ran away from home at the age of 17 and began his career as an apprentice in a garage. Today, with a multi-billion dollar company, Henry Ford is one of the richest people in the world.

3. Milton Hershey – Milton Hershey went on to become one of the most loved chocolate makers, with education only till the fourth grade. Now with his internationally marketed chocolate, one hardly associates his success to education.

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4. Michael Dell – With the most popular PCs ever created, Michael Dell hardly needed a computer science degree to sire his computer-empire. A university drop out at the age of 19, he left education to run what would later become the largest manufacturer and sellers of PCs and servers. With a whopping $57 billion annual revenue, Michael Dell is one of the most successful men of the world.

5. Steve Jobs – Everyone owes their modern computing experience to Steve Jobs. Not only did he pioneer the most well known computing system in the world, Apple Computers, but also was the first person to initiate the graphical user interface featuring a mouse and an image screen. He did all of this with just a semester-worth of education, in college.

6. Bill Gates – In spite of being a college dropout, Bill Gates is one of Forbes’ Richest People in the world. His multinational company, Microsoft Corporation, is the largest computer software manufacturers in the world, earning an average annual turnover of more than USD 51 billion.

7. Woody Allen – The multifaceted artist is an actor, director, writer, musician, playwright and comedian and is considered to be one of the foremost cinematic pioneers of the modern era. Having dropped out of college because of poor grades, he now belts out an award-winning movie every year.

If you search for the list it would goes up to  thousands and you may not even remember the names of those, we have choose only the top most at this time. We may have other successful people stories in this site soon. If you know someone near to you or interest of you please write using our submit news option so we can update the list here.

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