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Birding around Kathmandu Valley

Kingfisher is a fish hunting bird often found near the river banks, lakes or ponds.

17 JANUARY 2015, Kathmandu – Birding or Literally known as Bird watching is a passionate job and being closer to the nature. Nepal is perfect for people who loves nature and to study about different species of birds as its climate supports all variety of seasons and migrating birds are roaming around all the season.

Nepal Nature Conservation Club which is a group of like minded youths from various walks of life has gathered and started roaming around Kathmandu valley to see the nature, document the wildlife spoted and learn about them, campaign to promote nature conservation and educate villagers about the importance of those wildlife and its role in the environment.

One of the Member of the club Pratap Gurung who is a licensed trekking guide involved in the group taken some of the amazing pictures and send to us for publication here.


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