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Year 2012 Doomsday only A Rumor

JAN 01, 2012 Kathmandu Nepal – According to Mayan calendar The day as predicted (On 21.12.2012) is not a doomsday.
Apocalyptic prophecies for the coming year based on a stone of the Maya. The big day comes the winter solstice on 21/12/2012. What can you really read it? Did the Mayans prophesied about?

There are still 356 days, eleven hours and 48 seconds, or at least as many were still there, as this text began: In hundreds of pages on the Internet is either saving the world for the count or her downfall. Agreement among the two camps on the date: The big day is coming for the next winter solstice, on 12/21/2012.

Read the first time in 1966, the archaeologist Michael Coe from an (alleged) of the Mayan prophecy is set in stone about the year 670 in Torteguero in Mexico today. In it by the completion of the 13th “Baktun” (which is a period of time) the speech of a “sighting” and believe that God would show one called Bolon Yokte. Coe concluded that an “Armageddon come over the degenerate peoples’ will:” Our current universe is extinguished when the great cycle of the long count is completed. “

Since then live off of it, the seer, who see in BolonYokte a god of war and the underworld, and still rely on a Mayan document: a code that is stored in Dresden. . It sees a flood, it became a ruin model, which has branched out in many scenarios, from the asteroid until the invasion of aliens (see page 3) Friends of the “New Age” prefer a softer interpretation: see Bolon Yokte rather than the Creator God and expect to 21.12. not the end, but the turning point, a spiritual revolution garumfassende or improvement of the genes.

The filmmaker Roland Emmerich decided to “2012” for the catastrophic variant, caused by destructive processes in the crust. This film, which in 2009 was in theaters, has contributed a lot to get the number 2012 in their heads.

Years, which a priori have an ominous sound, are even more rare: 1984 owed his reputation on the novel by George Orwell (who just rotated the figures of 1948), 2000, our calendar and our number system based on multiples of ten.

Even the aura of 2012 is based on the calendar: the Maya. This mathematically and astronomically advanced nation had two calendars: a ritual with a period of 260 days and a daily living, in which the year as we had in 365 days. Of those treated, but five days as they leap days. Stay 360 days, which they called a “doing”. 20 by 20 such “actions” years they called a “baktun”, which were then 144,000 days. The least common multiple of 260 is 1.872 million and 144,000, which is 13 baktun. After this number of days – the equivalent to our year 5125 – the two calendars meet each other again, a great cycle of the “long count” is in order.

This is precisely the case on 21.12.2012. Of course, only if the “long count” on Aug 11, 3113 BC. has begun on the day on which the Mayan creation of the world – attaches – in its present form. This includes but not all Mayan Lore agree. Some rely on other initial data. Still others want to catch all the hype in principle. “The messianic thinking of the West has distorted the world view of ancient civilizations like the Maya,” says about the National Institute for Anthropological History in Mexico: The Maya thought in cycles, not in a continuous time with a beginning and end as the eschatological religions from the the Middle East. For it was the end of an era the start of the next, perhaps violently, but not the end of time.

The Maya were lousy prophet
But they have prophesied about? Some researchers put the generally deny others at least the date. “We must say with all clarity: There is no prophecy for 2012,” said Eric Velasquez (Autonomous University of Mexico): “It is a marketing deception.” And if there is something more? There’s little cause for concern, as the Maya were lousy prophet, William Saturno (Boston University) recalls: “They have not come to see its collapse. And they have not seen the Spanish conquistadors come. “

Also, the horoscopes of our astrologers agree rare, but they are read. Most people in our culture to go around just as ironic as the 2012 hype. We also have blunted the better scientific world view appropriate Warnings (Klima! mad cow! Crash!). We live with disasters, especially those that do not. What we can predict in the case in 2012 with a clear conscience.

The clock has now moved to 356 days and nine hours. About. Whenever you want to know it exactly: there are all the magic and as an app.

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